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What Changes Can We Expect From ‘Food Industry’ Post COVID-19 Lockdown

The increasing cases of corona and not ending of lockdown has caused enough losses to the world now. Although there’s no comparison of losses that different sectors of business have been suffering one of the major affected sectors is surely the Hospitality business, which was entirely based upon the model of people stepping out, living there, or ordering delivery food.

A country especially like India, where food is diversified more than its cultures, it has been a tough time for restaurant owners and employees to manage the situation. Even the deliveries were turned off temporarily due to obvious reasons, which was a sole pillar of survival for this day to day business.

Restaurants in India and other countries aren’t just a place to eat, they’re our adda’s where our 50% of the life was spent discussing, eating, laughing and living every possible joy we could have. So, what happens during and post this lockdown? We are surely going ahead to continue with lockdown and especially maintaining the social distancing which is totally an opposite part of restaurants’ existence.

Well, let’s see how restaurants are surviving the lockdown and what lies ahead of the restaurant industry in the future.


The future of food deliveries will ensure its riders carry a mandatory handy package of hand sanitizers, masks, thermometers and gloves, which will be ensured by the companies. Their basic level of hygiene and procedure before they re-enter the premises of kitchen will follow checking the temperature, and sanitization of them.

“At the rider level, we daily reiterate training and awareness of the WHO guidelines and precautions. At the customer level, we ensure contactless and cashless delivery with our dual OTP system that ensures the food is delivered without physical verification. For food packaging, we use tamper-proof bags that are sanitized at pickup and delivery.” Says Ratnesh Verma Founder of a delivery company ‘Pidge’,

“We constantly check the staff’s body temperature. They continuously wear masks and gloves while handling food. They have been advised to sanitize their hands every 20 minutes, even with gloves on. We have sanitized the premises, and procure raw material only from authorized vendors,” says Nirmal Singh, GM at Friction The Drinkery, adding that the outlet uses their own delivery team to deliver within the 10 km radius of their Sector 29 address.

Kitchen Hygiene

Although it is a basic part to keep the commercial kitchen highly hygienic but post this lockdown situation, it is going to be at a different level of cleanliness, as any possible contact with the virus is going to affect many.

“We have made six-feet distancing mandatory in our base kitchen in Okhla, and given hazmat suits, gloves, and masks to the staff. We do our own delivery because we don’t want to rely on Swiggy and Zomato. The bikes are regularly sanitized, and riders are following the safety protocols. Any employee showing the slightest sign of sickness is sent to our doctor,” Says Director of Azure Hospitality that runs Dhaba and Mamagoto.

“We have a limited number of people and are producing a limited number of items. We ask the staff how they feel and monitor their temperature three times a day. Headcovers and masks are mandatory, and they have to wash their hands every hour. The unit is cleaned with disinfectants three times a day. After production, deep cleaning is done apart from the periodic cleaning of equipment,” says Samandari, from La’Opera

Social Distancing Tables

“Only people from the same family coming in the group would be sharing the tables. Others would sit at a distance of about two meters which is going to be the norm post lockdown. Further, we will direct waiters to bring food but not serve at the tables as it has become a practice now at restaurants in many countries,” says Ankur Bhatia, Executive Director of Roseate hotels.

A restaurant named as Mediamatic ETEN from Amsterdam has already implemented a solution of social distancing tables with its quarantine greenhouses, here’s how they look like.

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