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We Know You’re Bored, So We Brought For You Some Cute Facts About PUPPIES!!!

The area of 6371 kilometers residing about 8 billion humans, some 7 to 8 million species of animals and full of mysteries is a big place to have numerous amounts of emotions – be it sadness, happiness, motivation, anger, joy, and whatnot.

But being in the 21st century, it’s mostly the sadness happening around. Take an example of the year 2019-2020 – the World’s biggest fire, a pandemic, people getting greedy and what not.

However, it’s mostly not all the time, there are some basic happy things too which can make your life from sad to flourishing with just one woof!! Yeaaaa one such basic happiness lies within the puffy, fluffy, snoofy puppies.      

Although I know those little puffs have already won your hearts with those little tails still, I list down some interesting facts about them to make your life a little happier and less boring since we are already in quarantine in this cruel world.

Puppies Are Born Blind And Deaf

Puppies, when born, aren’t able to see or hear until they’re two weeks old. They don’t even open their eyes until then. Till then puppies survive their first weeks on their sense of smell to find their mom.

Puppies Have Baby Teeth

Unlike other baby mammals, puppies are born entirely without teeth. A puppy’s 28 baby teeth should start to get in at 2 to 4 weeks of age. Those baby teeth fall out around 12 to 16 weeks later, so by the time pups are 6 months old, they will carry a collection of 42 adult teeth.

Puppies Weight Gets Double In Weeks

If your new baby animal is healthy and taking care of right, it can grow twice of size what it was just a week ago.

They Spend 15–20 Hours A Day Sleeping

Although they’re energetic and tiring enough for us to take care of, puppies can sleep 15-20 hours a day too and uhhh god those cute sleepy looks of them.

Puppies Become ‘Adults’ When They Turn One

Dogs are fully grown by the time they’re 1 year old, although large breeds may keep growing until they’re 2 years old. Which is about 15 years of humans age?

They Like ‘Baby Talk’

A January 2017 study found that puppies respond when humans speak in sing-song tones. And they like it more than a normal voice of adult humans.

Puppies Can Be Twins

Earlier it was assumed that born puppies may be similar but never twins. However, a doctor stumbled upon what is believed to be the first confirmed case of identical twin puppies in 2016.

Looking At Pictures Of Puppies Is Good For You!

Japanese psychologists have discovered that staring at photos of adorable baby dogs makes people achieve better attention. People became more successful and more diligent in accomplishing the activities before them as the optimistic feelings of watching an incredibly cute infant animal overwhelmed them.

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