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Relatable Things If You Travel Too Far To Your Work

The feeling is hilarious as well as painful. Traveling is something which almost everyone loves to do. But traveling daily, that too to your workplace is so hectic that you cannot imagine.

However, this doesn’t change the fact that it is a pain to travel for hours daily and can be extremely exhausting, physically as well as mentally. In such a situation though, it would be best to look at the funnier side of things.

If you’re somebody who has to travel too far to your work, then you will definitely relate to these 10 hilarious things:

Too early or too late

‘Dhobhi ka k**a hu, na ghar ka na ghatt ka’

I think the time is conspiring against me. One can never be on time because either I will be sweeping floors of my office with the cleaners or I will be presented with my angry boss. There is no in-between. ‘Ek din nikal dega boss.’

No time for a thing called dreams

‘Dil ke arma aasuo mei beh gya’

You are so freaking tired all the time that you cannot do anything else with your pitiful life. Eyes full of dreams is now eyes full of neend.

The consolation

‘Nhi chahiye tumhari juthi chinta, yeh sab ek dhong hai.’

When people hear you about from where you come to office their common response is “oh! That’s very far away” and it feels like “jale pe namak chidakna”

  Metro is your comfy bed

‘chale chalo chale chalo’

Traveling hours in metro or any other vehicle is like you have got a good period of time to take a long nap because the distance you have to cover is a time period you can have a good sleep.

Forgot earphones?

‘Mere didar mujhe maaf karna’

What can be scarier than this? There are times when you forget your earphones at your home and it almost feels like you have left a part of your heart as your earphones are the only companion to you while you travel.

Your work is never done

‘Picture abhi baki hai mere dost’

Even after leaving your workplace you feel like your work is not done because reaching home also seems to be a big task that you need to complete. Few unfortunate people even work after reaching home.

Traveling budget

‘Insaan ki zindagi ka ek hi maqsad rhgya hai… Daulat, daulat, daulat.’

You could be someone use to travel by your own vehicle or taking public transport, but you end up spending half part of your salary on transportation to the office and that hurts more than the pain of traveling itself. ‘I didn’t sign up for this.’

Zero social life

‘Ap humse hamari zindagi mang lete toh hum apko khushi khushi de dete, par apne toh humse hamara gurur hi chin liya.’

On workdays, you wake up early in the morning and after coming back home you sleep at midnight. You don’t get time for a good sleep as well and you get a single weekend. Then it is more often to sleep whole day moreover going out and meeting friends because you are so tired of traveling that you feel like spending your day in the bed is a much more good option.

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