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Narendra Modi Speech: PM Extends Lockdown, Congress Asks What About Relief For Poor

India has so far reported 10,363 coronavirus cases and 339 deaths. Maharashtra and Delhi have recorded the most number of cases. As the states want an extension of the lockdown beyond April 14. Maharashtra, Odisha, Punjab, West Bengal, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Telangana have already announced the extension of the lockdown till April 30.

The center has taken a decision and Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced an extension to the lockdown. The lockdown will last for another 20 days and will end on 3rd May 2020.

PM Modi asked our help on these 7 matters:

  1. look after elders at home especially the ones with existing illnesses.
  2. Maintain Lockdown and Social Distance and try and use homemade masks.
  3. Follow Ayush Minstry’s instructions to boost immunity
  4. Download Arogya Sethu mobile app and tell others to do the dame.
  5. feed The Poor
  6. Don’t fire people in your office
  7. Respect those on the frontline

The Center has also come under scrutiny for the way they have handled the situation of the poor in such a hard time. Modi replied to all those questions by saying that all daily wagerers are a member of his family. He will make sure that he will take care of them through the PM Gareeb Kalyan Yojna. Medicines and Essentials will be available.

Further PM went on to say that the hotspots will need to be identified and will need strong measures. Till 20th April every district will be monitored carefully to comply with lockdown and spread of coronavirus. The areas that are successful in reducing the spread of the coronavirus will receive the relaxation in lockdown after the 20th.

The Government will release the guidelines of the extended lockdown tomorrow, i.e 15th April 2020.

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