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“Disha Patani ~ Calvin Klein”… Celebs And Their “Trademarks”?

Words often have many different letters and many ways to sound different but meaning the same. By choosing lively synonyms for the words in your sentences, you can make your writing a lot more captivating.

Those chosen words are easily learned when you use them daily or are using them for a long time. In short, Synonyms look better when they’re replaced by most in-famous words.

Not only words but photos, movies, and many other sources has synonyms here we present you the national synonyms of India’s famous personalities whose name holds synonyms in terms of brand name, signature moves, sayings, and even the lifestyle.

Ranveer Singh – Meri Marziiii

Funky dresses: Kudos to his confidence

Shahrukh Khan- Posing

His evergreen Poses

Disha Patani – Calvin Klein

No Caption Required

Hardik Pandya – Aaj Se Koffee Band

Aaj mai Karke aaya

Karan Johar – Nepotism Flagbearer

Salman Khan – Anti-Physics

Swagat nahi karoge humara ?

Tiger Shroff – “Flying High”

Ab ye udega

Hrithik Roshan – “Greek God”

Hollywood se ho na?

Vijay Mallya – Ha Mai Chor Hu

Mai Azaad chor hun

MS Dhoni – Apun Hi Baghwaan Hai

Tumse na ho paega
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