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Celebrities Have Commercialized Dissent in India

In an interview with BBC’s Lucy Hockings, Kangana Ranaut spoke regarding various issues including the selective activism of Bollywood celebrities, their deliberate silence over important national issues such as the Palghar Sadhus lynching incident. She also mentioned how these stand in support of movements like ‘Black Lives Matter’ on one hand while on the other hand, they endorse racist fairness creams.

In the videos shared by the actress’s team on Twitter, Kangana Ranaut was seen responding to questions of the anchors who asked regarding why celebrities, politicians are failing to condemn local hate crimes and injustice while commenting on incidents that occur far away.

Responding to Lucy, actress Kangana Ranaut said, “Well, I think it has become fancy to somehow be part of this bandwagon, which is relevant to west. But, if you see how Asian celebrities and actors work, they are very impactful in this part of the country but I don’t know how they are participating in the social-political reform of America.”

Citing the recent horrific lynching of Hindu Sadhus in Palghar, Kangana Ranaut spoke regarding the selectivity of these so-called celebrities and added how there was not even a single word from anyone as it would probably resonate with the majority sentiment.

“So when you politicize your compassion, your activism, your humanity, of course, you are part of the problem. Because people who inflict pain on others too have a set of people they are kind to. The problem is selective compassion,” Ranaut added.

The actress added that most of the celebrities are being called out in the country for the absence of any outrage for the Sadhus, who were killed precisely for wearing saffron clothes. Kangana Ranaut pointed out how nobody wanted to talk about the incident.

The actress also slammed the so-called celebrities for commercializing the dissent by speaking on issues that are occurring far-away while staying silent on issues that are happening within their own country. The national award-winning actress said, “Every country has its own set of issues, we need to first deal with the evil within us, before going out to try and reform the world. We are failing to do that”.

Exposing the hypocrisy of the country’s popular celebrities, the actress said that they endorsed fairness products, while also saying “Black Lives Matter”. The actress asked how dare they indulge in such dubiousness and questioned why no one was asking them.

“What about the million-dollar deals that they were doing and all of sudden how black lives matter. You have commercialized your dissent as an individual, that’s the lowest humanity can hit” quipped Kangana Ranaut.

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