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Bowlers who save there team , Not with their bowling but with their batting.

Bowlers in cricket have been always been the underrated athlete of games that do put their maximum & greatest effort but don’t receive much. Not in terms of money & fame, but their respect gets a little attention when it comes to the overall ratings over the game.

I mean we always appreciate & wait to see the cover drives of Virat, but have never focused on the Yuzi’s googly that much. Our beliefs have always been more on the wonders that are a batsman can do in a game. But history has proven, that bowlers aren’t less or even a little higher than what the batsmen do.

So here I present you some bowlers, that have not only did wonders while picking up wickets. But they also have some batting records, proving that they’re the real GOAT’s of cricket.

Wasim Akram

King of swing in cricket hasn’t reserved his name in history books just for his wicket-taking records. Wasim Akram has scored 257* runs against Zimbabwe in 1996 to be one of the most successful athletes in cricket

Shane Shillingford

Hitting runs fast are surely a thing of west indies players, but what if I tell you that their top tier batsmen don’t have a record of hitting the fastest test fifty? Well, Shane is the leading fastest 50 scorer of west indies withholding a record of just 25 balls.

Umesh Yadav

It may not seem to be good when you hear Umesh is going to have a bat. But that’s where he changes everything. And he changes it with hitting 5 sixes in a row, setting up a record of fastest innings by a bowler in the history of cricket.

Tim Southee

Known for his fast pace while bowling, Tim Southee also holds the record of scoring the fastest fifty on test debut. His debut 2008 Napier test also gives him a glimpse of his first 5 wicket haul.

Ajit Agarkar

A bowler that left his impressions to be forever alive, has helped India many times with bowling. And his contribution didn’t end on just bowling. Well, our right arm fast-medium was the first one to score the fastest fifty in ODI, by hitting it in just 21 balls.

Shane Warne

The greatest spinner of the world, has surely done endless wonders with his arm & ball in it. But his batting record is also massive. He holds the record of most runs without hitting a century.

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