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After Years Of Struggle, ‘One Song’ Turned It Around For These Artists

Introduced in the 1990s by Baba Sehgal (Harjeet Singh Sehgal) with his ‘Thanda Thanda Paani’, Indian Hip Hop has seen a growth of fortunes. However, the real name behind Hip Hop being able to stand at a stage where no one does was Roger David aka Bohemia. A Pakistani rapper living in California started India’s hip hop league with an album ‘ Vich Pardeshan De’ and has yet continued to level it up with his every new song.

And the first step of Hip Hop being loved by the masses was his first full-length Punjabi rap album “Pesa Nasha Pyar”, which became a sensational hit in India. Then there was no one who could stop hip hop music to be the next big thing in the country.

The next step of it being loved by many was a group known as ‘Mafia Mundeer’. It comprised of now the biggest stars – Yo Yo Honey Singh, Lil Golu, Badshah, Raftaar, and Ikka. Although the group got separated and just like other music groups it gave the highest fame to one.

The Yo-Yo Honey Singh was the next breakthrough and the word coming out of every month when it came to hip hop music. But with time many stars came in and grabbed their opportunities in this new big industry.

The chances from back then to now are very different. The production house, the digital media, better direction, and better writing has given many artists to rise up and be a part of this well-developed stage. Eventually increasing the competition in the market.

There are surely some underrated artists that are still waiting for their chances to become big & famous, but there are those as well, who became the next big thing without much talent.

So here I list down the breakthroughs of India’s big rappers or hip-hop stars who played their stroke at the right time & grew bigger with time.

Honey Singh – International Villager

Although the music was the contribution of the Mafia Mundeer family, the sole fame was collected by Honey Singh. Songs like Brown Rang & Dope Shope were the breakthrough of honey Singh being the biggest star now.

Diljit Dosanjh – Proper Patola

The charm of every Punjabi and even Hindi audience in movies and hip-hop music did appear in songs with honey Singh. But his breakthrough was the ageless song Proper Patola which gave him the opportunity to be the next big thing.

Badshah – Saturday Saturday

Starting off his career with ‘Mafia Mundeer’, Badshah took the time to make this big stage part of his life. But when he took charge in 2014, his entry was big with Abhi toh party shuru hui hai, as it came as a Bollywood song.

Raftaar – All Black

Just like Badshah, it took a while for Raftaar to collect what he deserved. Making it through with All black in 2015 & Swag Mera desi, Raftaar is now one of the biggest hip hop stars.

Divine – Gully Boy

Well, not all-stars of this industry were leveled up with their skill set of hip-hop music. Some like Divine got their opportunity from the movie gully boy, which displayed the struggle of underground artists.

Emiway Bantai – Raftaar Dis

Hip Hop music is as funny & worst as remake Bollywood songs sometimes. The infamous underground artist who did display himself in gully boy got his bag of opportunity from dis songs for Raftaar, not some talent.

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