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7 Very Commons Reasons For Aging Wrinkles On Your Face

The time when aging was a normal process has passed a long time now. Although science has given us many factors and products to slow down it eventually the change inside has continued. There are many studies now proving how differently we human beings are aging for decades.

Not blaming just, the industries and techs but there are numerous self-adoptive habits that influence how our body ages. Diet, smoking, sun exposure, and exercise all play a role in how long you live, how your skin glows, how healthy you are, and even how your brain functions.

Obviously, these habits are something which the world already tells us about, that how they can fluctuate our life span, but there are underdogs as well which live right under our nose and we never know that even they can harm us if we did for a long time.

So here at Humour Express, we present you 7 factors that are basic but can result in shortening our lifespan dramatically.

The Diet Fluctuation

We need to adhere to a certain diet schedule to stay healthy and in form. When we change our diets too frequently, our bodies have no time to adjust.

When you spend the first week on a liquid diet, the next on vegetables and the third on meats or junk, it can weaken the body and keep it in a perpetual stress condition. And sadly, stress can make us age faster.

Ignoring The Depression

Researches have found that stress isn’t just uncomfortable; it also makes you age more easily by causing brain shrinking.

It is recommended to take your mental health as seriously as your physical health and be sure to seek professional assistance if you have been struggling with it for more than two weeks.

Using Harsh Soaps

Soaps have a strong pH to extract existing lipids and proteins from the skin, making our membrane weakened, dehydrated and quickly inflamed. It transforms into a swollen, cracking face with a bland look and accented fine lines.


We will quickly speed up our aging process by trying to collect that extra VIT-D from the rays of the sun. Sun damage is the number-one source of permanently damaged wrinkles and eyes.

Aging spots and other types of discoloration can be greatly exacerbated by damaging Ultraviolet rays from the sun.


According to Cambridge University researchers ‘ 2016 study of one million men and women, sitting for eight hours a day may increase your risk of premature death by up to 60 percent.

Chronic diseases like Heart disease and cancer were the leading causes of death linked to an inactive lifestyle, moreover, those prolonged sitting periods were also linked to slow blood circulation, poor regulation of blood sugar, and high cholesterol levels — which set the stage for age-related diseases.

Being A Frequent Flyer

Humidity is normally less than 20 percent in aircraft cabins. So it’s no surprise that after a long flight our skin can get all dried up. But to prevent it, applying a moisturizer, and drinking more water is always recommended.

Not Getting An A-class Sleep

Sleep is a vital component of hormone control, muscle regeneration, memory growth, and proper metabolism maintenance. Over time, sleep deprivation can lead to weight gain, anxiety, insomnia, and insulin resistance — which can cause type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

So getting enough sleep to let your body produce some fat-burning hormones is on the bed here.

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