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6 ICC Rules That ‘Gully Cricket’ Is Never Going To Follow… NEVER!!!

Cricket and its growth over our country have shown us many sides of it. The only or majorly preferred game has diehard fans, who are eager to play it in any situation. Be it on the street, in their living rooms, while its raining or while it’s snowing, cricket is everywhere.

And the biggest part which makes this game so connected to the masses is gully cricket. It’s just like the official game, but its rules are constructed at the same time according to its play area and sometimes people.  

Talking about rules of cricket, many people do play it with their own terms or edit it from the official rule book of cricket issued by ICC. The gentleman’s game has some basic rules, but there are many which were kept under the skin from its fans.

So here are some rules you probably never knew existed in your favorite game.

P.S. They are ready to be imposed in gully cricket too!

Disturbing The Batsmen

If a fielder tries to disturb the batsmen while the ball is being bowled, then it will be declared a dead ball, and 5 runs will be rewarded to the batting team. And which directly implies to the gully format, because disturbing is what we do all the time.

Obstruction Of Umpire Decision

No player or team management has the right to question the decision of umpire and match referee.

Umpire Can’t Be Replaced

It’s obvious that our umpire is the weakest one in our team, but when it comes to difficult situations, we replace him or her. But ICC says that under no conditions an umpire could be changed until unless, he or she is in critical condition.

You Cannot Hit The Ball Twice

A problem especially faced in the cricket played on terrace, is a major concern of many fielders getting confused. And ICC restricts batsmen to hit the ball twice. Well, if you have played cricket on the terrace then you’ll know.

Your Wicket Can Depend On Opposition Captain Making An Appeal

Yes, it true that your wicket can depend on the opposing captain. He has the power to reverse the decision of your wicket, but with a little consent of umpire.

You Cannot Use Your Legs or Any Other Body Part To Catch A Ball

ICC suggests that your ball shouldn’t touch any part first other than your hands to take a catch.

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