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10 Celebrities You Probably Won’t Recognize Without Their Iconic Mask/Make-Up

Indian viewers have always been full of enthusiasm when it comes to movies from Hollywood. Be it the marvel, DC or our favorite web series, fans from India are always a little more excited to see the star cast from such action movies.

Dredd/ Karl Urban

Talking about the legendary characters from these iconic movies, who have created an empire that influenced many fans and businesses around the globe is always an exciting journey. They raised the bar of traffic so high that almost every industry is now curating things inspired by them.

However, the fame they raised was also a part of who was behind them. The actor or actresses that were mostly seen after the visual effects are surely very less known when the general public (not the super fans) hear their name.

So we at Humour Express are here to appreciate and let the general public know that these actors were behind the visual effects of the world’s famous characters.

Nebula — Karen Gillan

Thanos — Josh Brolin

Valak – Bonnie Aarons

Bride In Black – Tom Fitzpatrick

Ronan the Accuser — Lee Pace

Gamora — Zoe Saldana

Yondu Udonta — Michael Rooker

Night King – Richard Brake

Pennywise – Bill Skarsgård

Ghostface – Dane Farwell

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